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Therapeutic Services




Children Services

No matter how much we try to protect our children, there is a myriad of stressors that they may experience and have difficulty coping with. Children interact in multiple environments (school, home, friends, etc.) and their difficulty in one may affect their functioning in the others. A child’s struggle may affect their family relationships, academic achievement, self-esteem, and overall social functioning. At AMS Wellness, we have clinicians that specialize in helping children overcome their unique challenges and will develop a treatment plan that will assist them in finding their path to overall success and happiness and build a strong foundation for their future.


Adolescent Services

There are multiple developmental challenges unique to adolescents, many of which make the teenage years some of the most difficult times in a person’s life. The need for independence increases, yet an adolescent may not feel that they are able to meet expectations and stress present in their home, school, and social life. The intensity and variability of an adolescent’s emotions may be overwhelming and they may not know how to tap into their strengths and resources effectively. 


The clinicians at AMS Wellness know how to engage adolescents and help them to develop the tools to overcome the challenges that they are facing. Adolescents may act as if they do not care or seem resistant; however, this is a form of communication that we strive to work through. We help them to identify and utilize their strengths, communicate effectively, and maximize their overall functioning in all environments.


Adults Services

An adult balances many roles and, at times, may feel like their typical coping skills are not working effectively. The many responsibilities and expectations in an adult’s life can negatively affect even the strongest person and can result in unhealthy behaviors and emotional reactions that will only intensify if the underlying issues aren’t addressed.


At AMS Wellness, our clinicians work with adult clients to examine both past and present obstacles in their lives and problem solve how to successfully overcome each one. Each treatment plan is tailored to meet the client’s unique needs and will help to develop new ways to approach and manage the multiple stressors faced in daily life. Together, the clinician and adult client will discover and develop the skills that will allow the individual to perform at their optimal level of overall wellness in all areas of life.



Throughout the course of a relationship, both married and unmarried couples face challenges and barriers, which may feel        insurmountable.  Couples therapy can work with both partners to help build a balanced relationship. This form of therapy also allows couples to explore future goals and create plans to help the partnership grow.


Families face a variety of challenges and transitions, which are difficult to manage or adjust to.  Family therapy works with all members of the family to help them adjust, transition, or work through presenting difficulties. This includes, but is not limited to, blending families, divorce, trauma, loss, and integrating new family members. Our clinicians work with the families using a variety of techniques to engage all members in therapy.                           



AMS Wellness provides a variety of group therapies, which includes but is not limited to social skills, parenting groups, grief and loss groups, anger management, friendship building groups, and process groups.  Please contact us for more information regarding groups currently open in our community.


Pediatric (0-5)

Tailored parent-child relationship therapy focused on working with child’s behavioral difficulties, trauma reactions, and/or parent-child relationship difficulties.

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