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Psycho-educational Rehabilitation


Psycho-educational Rehabilitation is a two-step process intended to understand a child’s strengths and weaknesses, recommend the most effective study strategies based on their assessed strengths, and teach both parents and child how to implement these strategies in their life.  The first step is to have the child participate in a short screening assessment to understand his/her personal academic strengths and weaknesses to develop effective study skills. Our AMS Wellness clinician will complete a report providing the family with recommendations describing your child’s learning style and personalized study strategies based on their strengths. Such recommendations may include how they can most effectively take notes during classroom instruction and develop test-taking skills.  Following this first step, a clinician will discuss and teach strategies to the family in order to increase the child’s school functioning. The goal is to increase a child’s success in their academic setting, by fully understanding their strengths.



Ideal for:

  • How to maximize your child’s academic performance

  • Developing strategies to increase school functioning

  • Having learning modalities tailored for your child

  • Strengthening study skills

  • Test-taking strategies

  • Homework solutions




  • Elementary School

  • High School

  • College

  • Graduate School




  • $800

  • At this time, insurance is not accepted for this service.


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