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Dear Community Members,


We would like to welcome you to the AMS community and thank you for allowing us to join you on your journey towards overall wellness. AMS Wellness started with a simple dream to build a community that could provide the nurturance and guidance necessary for individuals to grow to their fullest potential. We admire your courage to work on overcoming the obstacles in your life and will partner with you to find your unique pathway to happiness and success.


As founders, we chose the logo of a tree for AMS Wellness as it exemplifies how we view life and growth. We believe a tree has roots and grows over time through love, support, encouragement, and nourishment. Just as trees, we, as humans, have roots in our community and the family we were raised in. When things in life do not go as we had expected, we need to assess our life at a “roots” level through looking at our history of what has influenced our growth, what has been working that we can maximize for greater strength, and what has been ineffective and, thus, needs to be changed. In order to continue to grow to our fullest potential, we must nourish our mind, body, and soul by self-exploration, support, and goals. At AMS Wellness, we believe therapy has the potential to help any individual, couple, family, or group to work through or work towards any goal that they strive to achieve and are committed to providing tailored treatment for each client in order to help them achieve overall wellness and success.


We invite you to continue to nourish and grow within our AMS Wellness community. We invite you to reach your fullest potential. Most importantly, we thank you for allowing us the honor to be part of your journey.


Best wishes,


Dr. Alicia Viera, Rachel Epps-Bauer, LCPC, &  Dr. Melissa Salinas


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